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Looking for Auto Leads, Website Traffic, and Internet Marketing?
The best that the Internet has to offer car dealerships, and at the lowest price ever!
What do you want from the Internet? More traffic to your website? More branding and exposure? More pre-owned leads? More new-vehicle leads? Better quality leads?
At CarSlave, we understand that the answer is simple: All of the above!
That is why we are proud to be the very first company to bring you “All of the above” for the lowest price ever. Guaranteed!
  Increased Traffic
  Sponsored Listings:
CarSlave already sponsors thousands of vehicle-related search terms that help bring car shoppers to its website. CarSlave will likewise sponsor dozens of relevant search terms in your market on your behalf. This service typically costs several hundred dollars a month, but CarSlave will do it at no cost to you! CarSlave will also sponsor your dealership’s name, and take interested shoppers to a dedicated page on CarSlave where they can browse your vehicles exclusively.
  Organic (SEO) Listings:
In addition to its sponsored listings, CarSlave also competes for placement in the regular (non-sponsored) search results. These are also known as organic listings. As everyone knows, this can be challenging, but CarSlave has developed innovative software to assist in the rapid adjustments necessary to adhere to the various guidelines of all of the major search engines. This has helped CarSlave achieve excellent organic placement in its current markets.
  Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, etc.:
Regarding both sponsored listings and organic listings (as described above), CarSlave is present in all of the major search engines, including Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, and many others…
  Traffic/Referrals To Your Website:
If CarSlave was merely a lead provider, it would not make sense to send a significant portion of its traffic to its clients’ websites. Rather, it would attempt to keep all traffic on its own site in order to maximize the number of leads it generates. There are many other sites that take this approach. However, this program is more than merely a lead service; it is also very much a marketing service. Therefore, CarSlave is happy to help you generate more traffic to your website.
  Link Popularity For Your Website:
By linking to your website, CarSlave is actually “voting” for your site, which is one of the factors that helps determine your website’s importance to the search engines. Related sites that link to your website help your site to appear closer to the top in the search results.
  User-Friendly Searches:
CarSlave has developed proprietary search technology that automatically corrects erroneous or inconsistent vehicle data that may from time to time be received by data providers. This does not guarantee that every single piece of information about your vehicles is correct, but it does guarantee that every error or inconsistency that is caught by the CarSlave system is permanently corrected. There is a lot more to be said about this - please contact us for more details.
  No Pop-Up Ads, Third-Party Banner Ads, Or Private Listings:
CarSlave sacrifices these revenue-generating techniques in order to create a more friendly shopping experience for its visitors, and in the case of private listings, to prevent dealership clients from having to compete with private sellers.
  Banner Advertising:
CarSlave will create and display your dealership’s logo and telephone number on all pertinent pages, which are viewed by tens of thousands of visitors each month. This banner also links to your website, and contributes to click-through traffic to your site.
  Your Dealership’s Logo, Name, And Address:
To further demonstrate that CarSlave is more than merely a lead provider, your dealership’s name, logo, and address is prominently displayed in as many places as possible on the CarSlave website. Some of these places include: the market page (ex. The Ford page for Houston, Texas, if you are a Ford dealer in Houston), the vehicle summary (displayed whenever a user clicks on a vehicle row in the search results, the vehicle details page, and your dealership’s dedicated page.
  Your Dealership’s Telephone Number:
In addition to your dealership’s name, logo, and address being prominently branded, CarSlave also displays your telephone number in as many pertinent places as possible. This helps produce telephone leads for new and preowned vehicles. It also helps people get in touch with your dealership for their servicing and parts needs.
  Customized Sales Incentives:
On every vehicle details page, CarSlave will include a bright, prominent sales incentive in order to entice shoppers to contact your dealership. This is something that we will customize for you at no charge.
  Your Vehicles Are Easy To Find In Search Engines:
CarSlave’s combination of sponsored listings (pay-per-clicks) and organic listings (search engine optimization) helps ensure that someone searching for a vehicle will find it on your lot, if you have it in your inventory.
  Variety Of Basic And Advanced Searches:
Shoppers are able to search for vehicles in a variety of ways: by make/model, or by make/model/price, or by type of vehicle (ex. trucks, coupes, SUVs, etc.) Additionally, CarSlave offers shoppers the ability to perform an advanced search from the following page.
  Preowned Leads:
By listing your entire preowned inventory, CarSlave will send you unlimited preowned leads, by email, telephone, and walk-in traffic. Vehicle pages can contain as much detail as your data provider can supply to us. Each vehicle page will also display your dealerships name, address, telephone number, and sales incentive (if you choose to include one.)
  New-Vehicle Leads:
You will receive unlimited new-vehicle leads within your market. If your data provider does not currently inventory your new vehicles, you will still receive requests for price quotes from customers that are looking to purchase a new vehicle. These kinds of leads may be available in certain markets from other lead sources for $15-$25 each, but CarSlave has included them for free in this program!
  Highest Quality Available:
CarSlave goes to great lengths to ensure that its leads are of the highest quality possible. New-vehicle and preowned leads are scrubbed using proprietary software programs to help eliminate low quality leads. Preowned leads include first name, last name, email address, stock number, make, model, price, and VIN. New-vehicle leads include year, make, model, trim/package, exterior color, interior color, as well as first name, last name, address, telephone number, email address, purchase time frame, best time to contact, and more.
  Telephone Number With Every Vehicle:
Car shoppers are encouraged to call you, even though CarSlave is unable to ensure that it gets credit for a telephone lead. This is strong evidence of CarSlave’s belief that it is more than just a lead provider; it is a marketing partner dedicated to helping your dealership grow its business. Your telephone number is displayed alongside your dealership name in many places on the CarSlave website, including with every vehicle that is supplied to us by your data provider.
  XML, HTML, Or Plain-Text Leads:
Email leads can be sent to as many email addresses as you want, and each email address can be individually designated to be in XML, HTML, or plain-text format. For your convenience, XML leads can be sent directly to your lead management system.
  No Special Number Required:
Due to the fact that CarSlave is your marketing partner and not merely a lead provider, you may select any telephone number for shoppers to call. No “Who’s Calling” number, or other special number, is required. Naturally, a toll-free number is preferred by car shoppers, but not required by CarSlave.
  Up To 26 Pictures Per Vehicle:
If your data provider is able to take multiple pictures of your vehicles and supply them to us with the vehicle data, CarSlave permits up to 26 pictures per vehicle. The first picture is shown in medium size, and all additional pictures are thumbnailed for the convenience of our shoppers.
  Commercial Vehicles:
Some dealerships may from time to time have commercial vehicles on their lots. Your dealership is welcome to have these included in the vehicle data supplied to us by your lead provider. Once again, the commercial vehicle service is included in this program at no extra charge.
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